Blue Light Services

Fully Fitted Blue Light Installations

We Design, Supply and Install a variety of emergency vehicle warning systems. We are well known for our ultra covert blue light systems, but we also have a fantastic track record in creating stunning, fully marked vehicles from ECMO and RRV cars to Resilience and Control Units.

  • Reflective Livery & Markings

    Our range of ready to install livery kits can be supplied by fleet maintenance teams. We also fully design and fit bespoke livery. Our specialist teams professionally prepare vehicle services ready to accept the new material for a product you can rely on.

  • Vehicle Racking and Stowage Systems

    Our in house design and fabrication team can fully customise any stowage system. From slide out systems to maximise space, to bespoke shelving systems with mounted brackets for equipment charging and gas cylinder stowage.

  • Emergency Warning Systems

    Using the latest equipment from our frequently vetted suppliers, we build vehicles you can rely on. Fully automated control and monitoring systems allow for easy use. Automated features such as automatic 'arrival' detection reduce physical input and streamline response times.

  • Communication Systems

    With the ever growing number of solutions for communication systems, it's important to choose the system that works for you. Multi level CAD integration and end user productivity are just some of the features we consider when designing on-board communication systems.

  • Perimeter & Scene Lighting

    Perimeter and scene lighting aids on scene productivity. Increasing visibility allows for a better working environment and reduces the risk of emergency service personnel and members of the public experiencing injury on-scene. We design a full range of systems for all vehicles from motorbikes to HGV's.

  • Telematics and CCTV

    If your fleet requires blue light tracking, our systems have you covered. The ability to view a vehicle in real-time and see whether emergency warning systems help to cover any liabilities, reduces the admin time in overturning NIP's and holds teams accountable for a vehicle's use. On-board CCTV protects your asset and crew alike.

Ultra Covert Systems

Ideal for personal vehicles required for emergency response. Our systems are designed with discrete solutions which allow the vehicle to operate as a fully operational blue light vehicle whilst keeping the vehicle identical to its civilian spec counterparts. With a wide range of applications for Police, Fire and Ambulance, we have the solution for you.

Fully Marked Vehicles

High intensity retroreflective markings add a great level of presence and increase response times as well as safety. The ability to utilise a roof mounted lightbar enables easy application of 360 degree warning lights as well as perimeter and scene lighting.

Emergency Ambulances

From Patient transport and High Dependency Units, to Frontline Double Crewed Ambulances, we have a range of services for larger vehicles. Emergency warning system maintenance and upgrades are an essential part of any fleet operator's requirements. Our specialists are on-hand to source specific replacements and upgrade systems with new technology to keep your vehicles on the cutting edge of safety and productivity.