Chapter 8 Vehicle Services

  • Reflective Markings

    Our range of reflective markings conform to all current legislation. Our products range from budget options to highly conspicuous markings with a 5 year warranty. We cater to all vehicles from highway maintenance to emergency service vehicles.

  • Warning Lights

    Road maintenance vehicles, or those primarily connected with roadside works, must display amber warning lights. The system of warning lights must produce 360 degree visibility to warn members of the public and protect the working crew.

  • Work, Scene and Interior Illumination

    To operate safely, crews need a good level of lighting. Our range of interior and exterior lighting allows for crews to operate safely and effectively in darkness. From additional load area lighting, to full lighting towers which illuminate an entire work area, we have the solution for you.

Do I need to comply?

All commercial vehicles need to maintain Chapter 8 compliance. If your vehicle is stopping or in use for business or work purposes on any highway or high-speed road, then the vehicle must meet the following criteria:

Fluorescent yellow retro-reflective striping

No less than 50mm wide along the length of the vehicle or the vehicle should be of a conspicuous colour (white or yellow).

Highway maintenance labels or motorway maintenance labelling

Vehicles that operate on motorways only, must have the text a minimum of; 70mm high for temporary traffic management vehicles and 140mm for all other vehicles carrying personnel or equipment.

Reflective door strips

An amount (vehicle specific) of red reflective tape must be on all rear facing edges of doors, guardrails and equipment lockers.

Reflective red & fluorescent yellow chevrons

(Standard or Premium Chapter 8 Kits) In a specified layout that covers the rear-facing portion of the vehicle as much as is reasonably applicable.

Additional markings

Where obscured rear facing, high visibility markings may occur by any device mounted on the vehicle (e.g. cherry picker bucket), you should also apply high visibility markings to any equipment which obscures markings.