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Digital 200 Watt Siren - Rumble compatible

Digital 200 Watt Siren - Rumble compatible

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The MCS-DDSA siren incorporates multi mode functionality. Because it is based on digital technology it can operate in different modes on the same installation by utilising different sets of speakers, if required.

MCS-DDSA functions and features:

• 12 and 24 volt operation
• 2 x independent speaker outputs
• Class D: Runs cooler, draws less power
• Interconnects to related products via proprietary CAN Bus
• Operates via a MCS Multiway Switch Unit or directly via discreet inputs
• Hands free operation via the HRT (Horn Ring Transfer) feature enables scrolling through pre-selected siren tones
• Selectable UK siren sounds with Air/Bull horn option
• Siren active output (ideal as Data Recorder Input)
• On board status LEDs
• City mode volume reduction feature
• Workshop (test) mode volume suppression

Rumble Effect Functions
• Automatic ‘standard siren reduction’ when Rumble effect active - typically 75%
• Automatically ‘shut off’ of Rumble effect to avoid accidental misuse - typically 8 seconds
• Adjustable automatic volume reduction and shut off times
• Use Rumble effect independently or with conventional sirens
• All user controlled via ‘free’ MCS configuration software

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