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HAW Hideaway

HAW Hideaway

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Redtronic's Hide-Aways (HAWs) are a great accessory to integrate into the front/rear lamps of vehicles and can also be surface mounted using the provided bezel with some models.

Redtronic's HAWs come in multiple colours options for both Emergency, Amber Safety vehicles and design options opening up flexibility for choice when picking the right model for your vehicle.

Redtronics HAWs are IP69K rated, so no matter where you install them on the vehicle they are sure to withstand any harsh weather environments you put them through whilst also being designed using a strong UV stabilised polycarbonate lens and a formidably strong engineered body, these small but mighty HAWs are sure to put up the toughest of fights against debris.

The HAWs are also tested proven for EMC R10 compliance, fitted with the latest generation CREE LED, we provide the Redtonic HAWs a 2-year warranty.

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