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LINX4 Universal Controller

LINX4 Universal Controller

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The LINX4 is a 4-way dynamic universal controller which is capable of switching all types of load applications including resistive, inductive and capacitive. The primary purpose is to switch Redtronic lighting and audible products.

The LINX4 consists of 4 independently controlled outputs one with a high current switching output of 10A and three with a maximum of switching of 6A per output and an overall limit across the 4 outputs of 15A.

The outputs are monitored and if overcurrent is detected the outputs are immediately switched off. A fault will be indicated with 3 flashes and 3 beeps. The output cannot be re-enabled until the LINX4 has been power cycled.

The end user has the ability to place legends on the keys to indicate what the output does. There is also an ability to change the activation colour and mode of the switches (the default is red and latching). This allows the end user to customise the LINX4 to fit their needs.

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