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Standby RSG

MCS T-16 Maxi Plus

MCS T-16 Maxi Plus

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Standby RSG new style T16 Switch Unit has the same button configurations as its previous incarnation however the introduction of a rigid plastic fascia grid that is secured with 2 small screws vastly improves button definition as well as making it easy for the user to replace/update legends.

Each button can be independently configured in terms of operation, legend designation and even back light colour, therefore it is the ideal interface for controlling a variety of vehicle based hazard warning systems including the MCS range of control systems.

•Two buttons join together to make one button that can have dual functions making a 14 or 15-Way handset
• Fully programmable at source and/or by customer
• Each switch can have a multi-function 'HOT' key action depending on required function
• Small buttons can also have dual function increasing versatility
• Supplied with rubber surround and dashboard clip
• Optional rigid fascia with sun visor to protect aginst the suns glare when mounted horizontally
• Can be dash or surface mounted via M4 inserts on reverse of the unit
• 3 stage back illumination - low brightness when OFF, high brightness when ON and both levels dimmed at night
• Button colours are defined by the LED back light, therefore they have no colour when the handset is 'Off'
• Built-in microphone
• Any switch can be programmed to act as PTT (push-to-talk) when used in conjunction with a PA (public address) system
• All configurations compatible with MCS-32, MCS-16, MCS-8, MCS and Maxi System
• Adjacent buttons can be combined for dual functions and extra visual impact
• 3 year manufacturers warranty

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