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MCS T17 Handset

MCS T17 Handset

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The MCS-T17 is a 16 button handset consisting of 12 individual function buttons, 2 special buttons (Clear All and Walk Test) and 2 combination buttons based upon established tactile switch technology that can be ‘user’ programmed to suit a wide variety of applications.

Main Features 
• One of the most slimline range of switch units available in the market today
• Meets automotive protrusion regulations
• Fully programmable at source and/or by customer
• Each switch can have a multi-function ‘HOT’ key action depending on required function
• Interactive buttons for interactive lighting functions and audio warnings - one button turns others on or off
• 3 stage back illumination - low brightness when OFF, high brightness when ON and both levels dimmed at night
• Back light colour can be set to suit switch function
• Supplied with a microphone type clip and bracket
• Each button can operate independently or in conjunction with other buttons, as well as having unique legends, therefore each device would need to be uniquely configured.
• Once programmed customers can then implement further audio and visual applications via the control system it is linked with
• 3 year manufacturers warranty

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