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Night Angel Scene Light

Night Angel Scene Light

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The Redtronic™ Night-Angel Scene-Light range are ultra-strong compact additions of area lighting products for your vehicle, coming in multiple housing colours (Black, White, Red, Yellow) to match vehicles bodywork for a ‘built-in’ feel. It is primarily designed for van/truck predominantly intended for emergency response vehicles.

The Night-Angel scene-light utilises a revolutionary lens and encapsulation process which offers unique and enhanced reflective properties to enhance light output and wide-angle capabilities. The scene-light is dual polarity with a quick and easy two wire installation process.

The Night-Angel Scene-Light is mounted flat to the body surface of the vehicle offering ultra-bright area lighting as a work lamp for your application. The scene-Light is intended as a fit-and-forget product offering long life and maintenance-free. It is dust and water resistant, has a sleek modern design and features Ultra-bright WARM WHITE LED's. The Night-Angel Scene-Light comes with a 5-year warranty.

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