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Redtronic BX Traffic Advisor 552mm

Redtronic BX Traffic Advisor 552mm

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The Redtronic Traffic Director V2.0 is our latest version of a traffic director and warning bar rolled into one product. Combining Bullitt Advanced technology the Traffic Director can be used as a high intensity warning bar as well as the primary purpose of directing traffic. The assembly is filled with LED's therefore maximising light output. The Traffic Director is exceptionally bright and comes with a variety of additional features including single colour, dual colour and optional multi-colour LED module offering 10 colour options under one light head sits the Redtronic Traffic Director V2.0 on top as one of the most innovative, feature packed traffic directors in the market.

The famous FlexI-Flash function is also available to offer even more comprehensive control of the Traffic Director. The Traffic Director is suitable for both the Emergency & Amber Safety markets, featuring Ultra-strong UV stabilised polycarbonate outer lenses that sit in a durable aluminium enclosure to protect the traffic director from large impact or debris and featuring our premium Ultra-bright latest generation LED's behind our premium Wide-angle FX Optics and many coloured LED Modules options available on the Traffic Director proves its position as the most adaptable traffic director across the globe. The Traffic Director V2.0 comes with multiple options of lengths making installation across any vehicle types and sizes possible. The Traffic Director V2.0 comes with a 2-year warranty.

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