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S20IS Siren & Speaker

S20IS Siren & Speaker

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Redtronic's S20IS is an intelligent, user-friendly programmable siren system. The siren system utilises cutting-edge technology to allow the siren to produce any worldwide emergency vehicle warning siren tone within a single device. The S20IS is innovatively designed to be a durable and flexible product in one, offering IP69K water and dust resistant with its resin sealed inbuilt siren and durable nylon assembly to ensure a fit-and-forget longevity installation whilst being programmable to utilise the many tones built-in for different countries. The S20IS contains a 20w neodymium speaker and a 20w digital siren offering the same presence as a 100w alternative product, producing 115dB and includes additional features such as Night mode and synchronisation amongst also multiple triggers. The S20IS is a market leading combination product that is premium of nature but is also affordable and comes with a 2-year warranty.

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