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S8000 Controller

S8000 Controller

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The S8000 is a 10-30v multi-output power controller operated by a remote keypad. It has been designed with a revolutionary inbuilt LED backlight for legend illumination. The keypad is splash resistant and very durable. Each of the 8 switches has LED signal illumination for the operators convenience. Having being designed with tactile switching the device has a physical on/off touch as well as an integrated piezo sounder for audible signal.


The handset has been designed to be completely user friendly with a simple set-up procedure - each key can be formatted to have a 'latching or momentary' function via a dipswitch row on the main control board - you can also set vehicle voltage and '999' functionality with a simple dipswitch selection - this is a major benefit of using the S8000 - unlike many systems on the market, there is no need for a computer to configurate the controller.


The unit can either be handheld or fixed format and will come complete with a cradle for the keypad. The main control PCB can be mounted elsewhere in the vehicle and is linked to the keypad via a standard RJ45 connector system (a 5 metre Rj45 extension cable is provided within the kit).

The major benefit to utilising the Redtronic S8000 control system is that it completely eliminates the need to use relays for power switching. The on-board control circuitry uses MOSFET packages to allow high current switching via software control - not only does this decrease he installation time and wiring, it also significantly increases the reliability of the product.

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