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Spartan X Lightbar With Siren

Spartan X Lightbar With Siren

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At Frontline we offer many product solutions to support a vast variety of customers, one of those solutions include a temporary mounted lightbar for customers who desire a non-permanent fixture to their vehicle and of which is easily movable between different vehicles as required. This type of product is both suitable for Emergency and Amber Safety customers where temporary hire vehicles are in use or simply the desire is not to drill holes into the vehicle. Our Spartan-X comes at a very compact size of 55cm (21.5") and can be manufactured with multiple connection options such as a multi-functional cig plug and our famous customizable LINX series hand controllers. the Spartan-X is also DEKRA speed rated up to 146mph to ensure the product remains safely on the vehicle even in emergency situations. Although the Spartan-X is a small, compact product it is also possible to customize the Spartan-X with various LED module and lens colours, and at the heart of the Spartan-X is a powerful 150W Speaker where we also offer in-built Siren and PA with multiple country tones available. The Spartan-X is also packed with our quality favourites such as our 4mm thick Ultra-strong UV stabilised polycarbonate outer lenses on a tough, durable aluminium base to protect the lightbar from large impact debris for the toughest of jobs. Ultra-brightest latest generation LED's are fitted behind our popular Wide-angle FX Optics. Our promise is quality on our products and long life, that is why, even as a temporary mounted product the Spartan-X is backed with a 5 Year warranty covering the LED modules and electronics and 2 years warranty for the inbuilt siren and speaker.

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